Dementia Friendly San Antonio Town Hall [NEW] Video

Please enjoy this video of our Dementia Friendly San Antonio Town Hall from October 4, 2018.

Ms. Kathy Beer, a family caregiver, spoke of her desire for a compassionate and inclusive community in which she and her husband, Tommy, felt welcomed and supported. Ms. Mary Lou Rodriguez, a person living with dementia, talked about her diagnosis and the impact it has made on her and her family. City Mayor Hon. Ron Nirenberg and city Councilwoman Ms. Ana Sandoval of Alamo City’s District 7 emphasized the need for a community-based movement toward inclusivity, support, and kindness for family caregivers and their loved ones living with dementia. Ms. Jan Dougherty of Dementia Friendly Tempe came in from Arizona to expertly facilitate our round table discussions to identify our unique priorities and suggest possible solutions. Other short talks came from University President Dr. William L. Henrich of UT Health San Antonio, Ms. Meg Barron and Ms. Ginny Funk of the Alzheimer’s Association, and Dr. Sudha Seshadri of the Glenn Biggs Institute on Alzheimer’s and Neurodegenerative Diseases. A shout out to all of them as well as all of our able volunteers and attendees.

Video edits and description (including paragraph above) by Marc Johnson, MPA.

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