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The Caregiver SOS program through the WellMed Charitable Foundation provides services at no cost for family members and friends providing care to an older loved one (60 years of age or older) with dementia or other chronic illness.

WellMed offers the following three programs available:

Caregiver Coaching:   Caregiver Specialists are available to provide family members and friends who are caring for an older loved one with Information and support on how to better manage daily activities and improve care.  Caregiver Specialists are available for one on one consultations over the phone or online.  Support groups are available.

Stress-Busting Program:  This is an evidence-based program proven to reduce stress, anxiety, and anger as well as improve the quality of life for families and friends caring for an older loved one. Caregivers learn to manage their stress and develop better coping skills when faced with challenging caregiving situations.

Caregiver Teleconnection: Live one-hour learning sessions done over the phone or online.  The topics range from stress management, dealing with difficult behaviors related to dementia as well as caregiving in the time of a pandemic.  In addition to getting important information, participants are also able to get expert advice and ask questions to a professional such as a doctor, lawyer, or social worker.  There is also the opportunity to hear from other caregivers in similar situations. Teleconnections are offered in English and Spanish.

Contact Information

•       Caregiver SOS Toll-Free:  866-390-6491

•       Email:

•       Website:


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