Caring for the Caregiver Publication Highlights

The Texas Memory Café Network recently partnered for a project to better understand the experiences of Memory Café guests related to their social connectedness during the pandemic. Thank you to the partners in the Network and the many families that participated in interviews to support that project.

After analyzing the interviews with Memory Café attendees, we have published the findings in the journal Frontiers in Public Health. You can read the article “’We Don’t Feel so Alone’: A Qualitative Study of Virtual Memory Cafés to Support Social Connectedness Among Individuals Living With Dementia and Care Partners During COVID-19” here.

Two other articles have been published that reflect the research conducted by the Caring for the Caregiver team and our community and academic partners. We recently concluded a project to identify research topics that are important to stakeholders in dementia care. Stakeholders for this project are defined as people living with dementia, family care partners of people living with dementia, and health/social care professionals. For this project, a Stakeholder Advisory Council worked together with a research team to connect with their communities to identify and prioritize research topics. The prioritized list of research topics can be used by researchers to develop studies that are important and relevant to stakeholders.

You can read about the project and the final lists of stakeholder-driven priorities here in the article by Patel, et al. titled “Engaging multi-stakeholder perspectives to identify dementia care research priorities”.

You can also read about the experiences of the members of the Stakeholder Advisory Council who partnered to conduct this project here in the article by Masoud, et al. titled “Engagement with a diverse Stakeholder Advisory Council for research in dementia care”.

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