“Learning to be a Caregiver” Essentials of Caregiving Presentation (Virtual)

Event Date & Time

June 23, 2023 at 1:00-2:30pm



Event Details:
Whether you have recently taken on the new role of a family caregiver or have been established in the role for some time, this session is a beneficial resource as you navigate the experience of caring for your loved one.

Our presenters bring their professional and personal experiences to this informational opportunity. Sheran Rivette, Family Caregiver Specialist at the School of Nursing, cared for her late husband who lived with dementia. She brings her expertise in care management and will provide tips and tricks that supported her in her role. Dr. Sara Masoud brings her experience as a former family caregiver and her expertise as the Program Manager at the Caring for the Caregiver program.

Hosted by the Caring for the Caregiver program of the School of Nursing at UT Health San Antonio.

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