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SA Amigos Memory Cafe invites you

SA Amigos Memory Café: Celebrating the Spring Equinox! Celebrate the coming Spring with the SA Amigos on March 15th! We will host a conversational game with a Spring theme. This monthly social event is for persons living with dementia and family caregivers who want to take a short break from day-to-day life, slow down, and […]

Books about Dementia for Kids

Dementia can make a big impact on the entire family, including kids and teens. Younger family members will most likely have questions about what is going on with their loved one because dementia can be a hard concept to understand.   Dementia affects the person’s brain and they may forget, get confused, and may have trouble […]

Let the rest of the world go by

“We’ll find perfect peace, where joys never cease – somewhere beneath the starry sky,” we sing every Friday morning, “We’ll build a sweet little nest somewhere in the west, and let the rest of the world go by.” (Let the Rest of the World Go By, lyricist, J. Keirn Brennan) It does feel like the […]

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