Caregiving Around the Clock

During National Caregiver month we recognize that caregiving is 24-hours a day/7-days a week job. 

Caring for someone around the clock can crowd out other important areas of life, not to mention the unexpected events that pop-up. Caregivers often forget to take care of themselves as more and more responsibilities pile up. Let’s discuss a few ways you can care for yourself around the clock.

Below you will find a few tips/reminders on caring for yourself around the clock.

Morning:  Budget time for yourself. Put time on the calendar for yourself, seriously, write it in your calendar and you are more likely to do it.  Set up your medical appointment, but don’t forget movie nights, coffee with a friend, or just walk outside for 5 minutes and take a deep breath.

All Day Long: Embrace technology.  Using technology throughout your day can be so helpful and possibly reduce your workload.  Using devices (Alexa or Google Home), apps, or other modern advances can help you with organization and possibly reduce your stress level.

During the day: Take a nap.  Even if you find napping unnecessary or it’s something you have never done, just plan to lie down for 20 minutes each day.  Power naps can increase mood, alertness, leading to quicker reaction time and even improved memory function, while also reducing fatigue (

Evening: Accept offers of help.  You don’t have to do this alone.  It’s ok to accept help from others even if your loved one insists on it only being you.  Ideas include asking your neighbor to mow the lawn or rake the leaves, ask a friend to go to the grocery store or use curbside/delivery for groceries or hire a caregiver to come over in the evening so you can go to a friend’s house and enjoy an evening game or conversation.  The possibilities are endless.  If you need help let the Caring for the Caregiver team know and we will help you find the support you need.


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