A program for family caregivers

A family caregiver refers to those who provide care to a family member or friend. We are a resource for all caregivers.

Our mission, vision, and values

The mission of the Caring for the Caregiver Program (C4CP) is to improve the quality of life for family caregivers and those they care for with evidence-based education, support, and research. We envision a community where family caregivers are valued, respected, and supported.

The vision of Caring for the Caregiver Program (C4CP) is one where family caregivers are not only valued and respected but also supported with empathy and understanding. Guided by principles of social justice, collaboration, and family-centeredness, we strive to create a community where the needs of caregivers are met with compassion and comprehensive care.

Meet our team

We collaborate with the health care team to support family caregivers through education, connection to resources, research, and opportunities for socialization.

For more information, please contact: Veronica Martinez at 210-567-5831

Our team

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