Creating a special holiday during a pandemic

The holidays can be a joyful time of year filled with fun family get-togethers enjoying favorite traditions.   For some caregivers, it can be a time of year that is often overwhelming and stressful, especially this year as we face unique circumstances.  This year give yourself permission to change it up a bit and relax the rules.  Here are a few tips to help you enjoy your holiday with a little less stress and hopefully a lot more joy.

Simplify your regular holiday activities

Instead of going all out on decorations, cooking, and shopping change it up a bit.  Send e-cards, order online, use delivery, enjoy a fun holiday concert/movie, or ask a neighbor/friend to help you decorate.

Start new traditions

Instead of focusing on what you and your loved one are unable to do this year, give yourself permission to try something new.  Grab a cup of hot chocolate and take a drive to look at holiday light displays around your neighborhood.  If you can’t make it to a family gathering set-up a family group video chat and play a game of charades or Pictionary.

Focus on what is most meaningful

This year as much as we would like to have everything back to normal and as traditional as possible it may be out of our control when it comes to your loved ones.  Talk to your family and friends and decide together which traditions hold the most meaning and focus on those.

Time is precious let’s make the most of it and cherish every opportunity we have and make memories that last. 



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