Tony Bennett: Alzheimer’s and Caregiving

A new AARP article published this week highlights the importance of the caregiver for a person living with dementia. Caregiving can often be seen as a one-way street but in this article written by John ColapintoTony’s primary caregiver, his wife Susan, is mentioned throughout the entire article empowering Tony to be an active participant in his own care.  Susan has helped Tony navigate the many effects that Alzheimer’s can have on a person.  As his primary caregiver Susan reflects on the difficulties of caregiving while at the same time recognizing they are more fortunate than so many people who receive a diagnosis of dementia.  Tony has a full team on his side in addition to his wife Susan, his son Danny handles Tony’s business affairs, a team of doctors, and a personal trainer, all of which push Tony every day to help him retain as much independence as possible for as long as possible.  Finally, the article describes the importance of music and dementia and how it affects the brain.  We invite you to read the full story.

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