COVID-19 Vaccine Resources & Tips

Many people are looking forward to receiving the COVID-19 vaccine and returning to a more “normal” day-to-day routine.  However, so many people in the community are struggling to find a vaccine appointment and some are even hesitant to receive the vaccine due to concerns about the safety of the vaccine.  In this article, we have listed a few resources to help you better understand the vaccine as well as tips and tricks on how to sign-up to receive a vaccine.

In a recent article shared on impactcovid.orgyou can have “Your COVID-19″ Vaccine Questions Answered,” by UT Health expert Waridibo Allison, MD, PhD, who is a research assistant professor and infectious disease specialist.  To view the article CLICK HERE.

Confused about how to register for a vaccine with CVS?  Check out this video made by Shanae and her amazing program, My Sister’s Keeper, which filmed a comprehensive video walk-through for people to register for their COVID vax via CVS.


More resources can be found on the Caring for the Caregiver Coronavirus webpage at

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