Virtual Gentle Yoga

The Biggs Institute, in collaboration with the Caring for the Caregiver program, at UT Health San Antonio is now offering virtual gentle yoga for caregivers and those living with dementia.

As our programs strive to serve families living with dementia in our community, we saw the gap in programs focused on physical wellness and exercise! We now offer a regular 6-week series of gentle yoga held virtually so individuals can join from the comfort of their own home!

Physical activity is so important for many reasons. It can improve overall health, mood, and quality of life. We encourage caregivers and those living with dementia to incorporate as much physical activity as possible into your day to day lives. Yoga is a great way to practice gentle and helpful physical movement that is accessible to all levels. Yoga is also a wonderful blend of not only physical movement but also breathing and mindfulness that can help each of us slow down and reduce stress and tension. Yoga has proven to improve the lives of caregivers and those living with dementia.

In caregivers, we have seen that yoga can help improve stress management, coping, and physical well-being (Waelde et. al, 2004). In a person living with MCI or dementia, there are potential positive effects to cognitive functioning, improved sleep, mood, and neural connectivity (Brenes et. al, 2018).

We invite individuals of all levels, experience, or no experience, to join us on this yoga journey!

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