Legacy of Love

The Caring for the Caregiver program established in 2016 by a team from the School of Nursing led by founding director Carole White, PhD, RN, FAAN, began by offering in-person activities to help support caregivers and persons living with dementia. Since 2017, over 1,700 community members have attended at least one event with most attending multiple events over time. Dr. White has worked tirelessly to support caregivers of the San Antonio community and beyond.  Her dedication and never say never attitude is what has made the program what it is today.

Upon hearing about Carole’s retirement messages from caregivers have been pouring in.  Read below to see comments shared by the community on how Carole has impacted the lives of others and how she makes caregivers feel seen.


“Carole’s smile lights up the entire room and brings a smile to all of those around her.” ~ Everyone

“Dr. Carole White came into my life in 2017 just 8 months after losing my husband to the dreaded disease of Alzheimer’s.  It was a delight to get acquainted and she invited me to be a part of the Caring for the Caregiver program as a Family Caregiver Specialist based on my lived experience as a caregiver to my husband and other family members that had Neurodegenerative diseases and IDD. She was from the beginning and continues to be, very encouraging, caring, and supportive.  I love and admire her compassion and dedication to help caregivers in their journey of caring for their loved ones,  It is from the heart, it has never been just a “job” to her.  Countless men and women will continue to be better equipped in their roles because of the legacy she leaves behind.”   ~  Sheran


“On February 22, 2018, my husband, Phil, and I met Dr. Carole White at the first meeting of a new Support Group held at the Alzheimer’s Association. For the prior 2 years, I had struggled to inform myself about the disease and the care and support Phil would need. Phil was angry, but resonated well with Carole! She helped me connect with caring physicians at UT Health after the loss of both PCP and neurologist. Her interest in music and the benefits to be gained led us to join her in September 2018 for Grace Notes Community Choir. Phil flourished in Grace Notes for over a year. Thank you, Carole, for your friendship to both me and to Phil!”   ~ Mary  

“Dr. White has definitely impacted me in both my professional nursing administrative role and more recently on my personal caregiver role to my wife Barbara. First, in the early years, she impressed me with her authenticity, her commitment and dedication to nursing, and her contagious smile and good nature to the extent that I always wanted to go above and beyond to help meet her needs.  A few years ago when my wife first met Dr. White at a SON spring luncheon, she made Barbara feel so comfortable that Barbara for the first time publicly shared her Alzheimer’s diagnosis. This was the turning point for us both in feeling comfortable asking for support and getting directions that would start us on the right path on our Alzheimer’s journey. Dr. White has offered help and guidance, included us in her research and I am truly honored to have been invited to join the advisory group of the Caring for the Caregiver program.” ~ Rudy

“Dr. Carole White is leaving an invaluable legacy to San Antonio and the world with her research and programs to benefit caring for the caregiver.  Thanks to her, San Antonio is now considered to be a dementia friendly city.  I am a caregiver for my wife, and have more confidence after learning more about the “how’s”, “why’s” and “when’s” and feeling the support of the UT Health staff.  Thank you, Carole, for your warm personality, personal assistance, and cheerful focus on the positive!” ~ Ron and Beth Morin

“It will not be the same without Dr.  White.  She always has a smile for the caregiver.  Dr. White made you feel special and called you by name.  She probably sees many people a week but remembers your name.  We were more than just statistics to her.  She provided me REAL phone numbers to places/people and not the general generic number.  Enjoy your retirement but please stay in touch.” ~ Denise 

“She is the very best and will be missed tremendously. It’s been a blessing to work with her and I keep her and her Mother in my daily prayers. What an outstanding advocate and incredibly compassionate amazing person. I will miss her tremendously.” ~ Ginny

“May I say I had the privilege to talk with her on the phone about a year and a half ago.  You know there are a few people in our lifetime that really “ stand out “. And Carol was one of them.  She is smart sensitive and took the time to talk with me.  I felt as if I had known her forever. And what is wonderful is that she sent me Sheran so I was gifted twice! Thank you Carol you are amazing!” ~ Pamela

“You made it possible for both of us to get our first Covid shots and we continue to benefit from the Caring for the  Caregiver program. You are one of God’s angels on earth.” ~ Ruth

“Good for her.  She is such a dedicated and hard worker.  I feel a sense of loss in hearing of her retirement.   She is so kind, helpful, compassionate, and treats you with respect.  She is always willing to go out of her way to help us. I hope her retirement brings her many blessings we as we received through her dedication.” ~  Arturo & Marylou


C – Caring  A – Alert  R – Responsible   O – Observant  L – Large Hearted  E – Enthusiastic  (Kiki & Mike share that these are all character traits we associate with Dr. Carole White)


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