Community Partner Spotlight

This month’s community partner highlight is San Antonio Oasis.

San Antonio Oasis celebrated 30 years in 2021 and serves more than 26,000 people. Oasis members enjoy a variety of challenging programs that enrich the mind, renew past interests and develop new talents. San Antonio Oasis offers a wide range of classes including health, fitness, arts and humanities, history, science, technology, and much more!

According to the 2020 annual report, San Antonio Oasis has locally impacted 189 volunteers (6,656 volunteer hours) with 1,258 participants through 8,796 class enrollments.  Oasis is a place people can call home where they make lasting friendships and share a sense of connection.  The Caring for the Caregiver program partners with Oasis to bring education to the community on a variety of topics such as Understanding a Diagnosis, Caregiving and Financial Issues, Home Safety, and much more.

In addition to providing education, Oasis provides a variety of exercise classes.  Geoffrey KongQue and his mother, Dorthy began taking classes with San Antonio Oasis about two years ago.  Dorothy suffered a stroke five years ago that resulted in her developing Vascular Dementia.  Participating in the Texercise is Dorthy’s favorite class.  Her son Geoffrey mentions “She gets 45 minutes at Oasis and it is very important for seniors to keep moving and these programs are very effective at accomplishing this.”

Membership to San Antonio Oasis is free.  To become a member, please call 210-236-5954 or visit the website at

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