Meet the Team

My name is Jia Liu, and I am a postdoctoral research fellow at the School of Nursing, UT Health San Antonio. I am interested in using technology to improve care for people living with dementia and other chronic diseases.

I am originally from China and completed my doctoral education in Ann Arbor, Michigan. I received extensive training in research on system-level care delivery, e.g., quality of care, safety, staffing, health information technology, etc. I worked at IUPUI, Indianapolis, Indiana, after I graduated. I worked with researchers to learn how a brain fitness program can help heart failure patients slow memory decline. I have always loved to explore how people living with chronic diseases can improve their care using advanced information technologies.

I moved to San Antonio in 2020 and worked at the Smart Center at the School of Nursing. I am specifically interested in improving medication adherence among people living with dementia and other chronic diseases, e.g., type 2 diabetes, hypertension, etc. The medication adherence rate among people living with dementia is relatively low, compared to other populations, which needs us to dedicate in this area. We know managing medications for people living with dementia could be very challenging and involve a number of affected factors. For example, the medication regimen could be very complex; caregivers could be lack support and help; it could be challenging communicating with people living with dementia.

Now, we are actively recruiting participants in a study titled “Managing Medications for Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Dementias” to understand the challenges and issues of medication management and how caregivers deal with them along with the progression of the disease. To complete the study, you will need to complete online surveys and participate in one focus group, which may take up to 3 hours totally. You will receive a gift card upon the completion of these two activities. I appreciate you considering participating and looking forward to seeing you registered.

If you are interested in participating, please scan the QR code using your smartphone, or go to the link below, to complete the eligibility form, then enter this code: CH9NXMYPL.

Link to eligibility survey:




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