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Programs offered by the Caregiver SOS program through the Caregiver Teleconnection program.

The Caregiver Teleconnection program has one-hour conference calls, at no cost. These sessions cover a wide range of interesting topics related to the care you provide to your loved one. You can get expert advice, ask questions and talk to other people who are also providing care.

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Aging in the 21st Century: What Caregivers Need to Know Now with Dr. Elliot

Montgomery Sklar and Lucy Barylak, MSW  The COVID-19 pandemic revealed many problems in our healthcare system, especially in long-term care settings. Many seniors and their families consider the option of long-term care at some point, but the pandemic has made us rethink those options. In addition to long-term care, some are considering aging-in-place or living with relatives if they can. Our sessions will explore these options and will offer tips and resources that support healthy aging for all in a post-pandemic world.  What do caregivers and seniors need to look for in a long-term care facility? What questions should you be asking? What do you need to consider? We’ll also discuss the ongoing staffing shortage in long-term care.

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