Call for Art: Share Creative Works

Call for Art: Share Creative Works and Help Document “How COVID-19 Has Impacted Our Lives”

A team of faculty and students at Michigan State University is working to make inclusive and accessible creative collections that document how people are using creativity during the COVID-19 pandemic. Their Andrew W. Mellon Foundation-funded project “Creativity in the Time of COVID-19: Art as a Tool for Combatting Inequity and Injustice” aims to collect creative works produced during the pandemic from across the globe to showcase how individuals and artists—particularly those hardest hit by the pandemic—have used creative outlets to cope with COVID-19. One of their specific focuses is on creativity in the aging community, and are looking for members of our community to participate in this project.

The project team is collecting creative works that people, including older adults, have created throughout COVID-19. They are looking for creative products generated during the ongoing pandemic that promote new conversations, activisms, and creative expressions. Everyone who submits a creative piece and expresses interest to be included will:

  1. Have their creative products and connected stories documented and included in a major online collection
  2. Contribute to history by preserving crucial moments and memories from COVID-19 for themselves and future generations
  3. Help ensure that diverse peoples, experiences, and communities are represented in our collective stories about the pandemic

The team welcomes everyone, from first-time creators to experienced professional artists, to share their creative products. They also welcome all forms of expression. Creativity can be defined in many ways, and they are interested in anything that helps understand, process, and communicate individual experiences during the pandemic, including but not limited to.

  • painting
  • pottery
  • sculpture
  • protest art
  • poetry
  • fiction
  • comics
  • journaling
  • digital art
  • photography
  • cooking
  • TikTok performances
  • coloring
  • building
  • gaming
  • gardening
  • making music
  • dancing
  • group projects and other everyday activities that have become meaningful during the pandemic.

Everything submitted will be showcased in an online archive and juried for inclusion in the physical exhibitions across the United States.

Individuals can participate by responding to the survey attached in the link below and by sharing the link throughout their networks.

Survey Link:

This survey is funded by the Mellon Foundation “Just Futures” initiative. Your time and participation are appreciated; please feel encouraged to reach out to the project team directly with any questions or concerns that arise. If you need any types of assistance in participating or in distributing the survey, please reach out to the project’s Undergraduate Project Lead, Tushya Mehta at  


Visit the project website to read more information.


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