Staying socially connected is critical to caregivers’ health. But we don’t know which aspects of social connectedness are most important to improving health. When we design programs for caregivers, is it more important to focus on reducing feelings of loneliness? Or should we emphasize increasing feelings of emotional support from others?  The Daily Study of Caregiving Relationships and Health is designed to answer these questions. We are currently enrolling spousal care partners to individuals diagnosed with dementia.

Eligible participants will be asked to participate in 14 daily surveys lasting ~10 minutes each, as well as to provide saliva samples 4-times per day for 5 days. Participation in the saliva collection portion of the study is optional!

Participants will receive payment as a thank you for their time and may receive up to $165 payment in the form of a debit gift card ($115 if you choose not to participate in saliva collection.)

We are no longer accepting participants for this study as of June 2021. We look forward to sharing results, once available!

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Hear from a Caregiver:

Caregiver Specialist, Sheran Rivette, speaks about the importance of caregiving relationships.