The Caring for the Caregiver Program has grown rapidly since its start just three years ago. We are grateful to the families and community partners who have supported us during this time. This program was founded with the voice of the caregivers and community partners through community forums and ongoing feedback following our events.

We would now like to find new ways to integrate the voices of family caregivers into our services, research, and community engagement. We would like to continue to learn about caregivers’ emerging needs and how we can best respond to these needs by forming a Caring for the Caregiver Advisory Council. The Caring for the Caregiver Program is also uniquely situated in a university setting, which allows us to test innovations to better serve you and learn about caregivers’ experiences through research. It is important to us to involve the voices of caregivers into our research program.

We invite you to participate in our advisory council.  If you are interested in attending our monthly meetings, please email You may also call us at 210-450-8862 to express interest in joining the council, or if you have any questions.